Kingdom Builders - City Builder meets Action RPG!

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Early Access Roadmap

For us, Early Access is not just a buzzword. We read every comment, watch all gameplay and chat actively with all community members. We want to make this game as fun as possible for you, the players.

That's why we have a public roadmap! Here you can see exactly what updates we have planned. Check it out:


Have an idea that's not on the roadmap? Want us to implement a feature sooner than currently planned? 

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Kingdom Builders Devlog


What makes Kingdom Builders unique?

Loyal companions that help you with everything!

Your villagers follow you and help you with everything! Chop down a tree, and they will chop wood aswell. Attack an enemy, and they will do the same.

psd_loyal companions.png

Build your settlement

Build houses, farms, blacksmiths and many other buildings to create a kingdom to your liking.

Fight off foes on your adventures

Encounter different enemies on your explorations. Make sure to make preparations by crafting weapons at the blacksmith for your group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What genre is this game?

We describe it as a mix of a City Builder and an Action RPG.

We love City Builders, but often wished we could actually walk in the world. Thats why in Kingdom Builders you directly control your king / queen, to really feel how it is to walk in your Settlement and to directly cooperate with all your villagers.

I have a great idea for this game - where can i write to you?

Join our Discord Server! There we directly chat with all players and actively ask for feedback how you like the game and what you want to see added next.

On which platforms can i play?

We will launch Early Access on PC, but plan on also launching on Consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Switch.

When will the game be released?

Early Access will start end of June 2021.

Who is developing this game?

We're called ebb & flow games - we're a small independent team of 4.
We are publishing the game ourselves as well, so that we can put our vision for the game into the communities hands as quickly and fun as possible.