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Rapid Early Access - Part 1: How we develop Kingdom Builders

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Early Access can mean many different things. In some cases, Early Access games are riddled with bugs and errors. Other developers spend years on their project before even starting with Early Access.

So what does Early Access mean for us?

We believe the best games are built together with the community. So while we have a vision for Kingdom Builders, and tons of ideas for the game, we want to test every idea as fast as possible.

Instead of wasting several years on making a game that on release no one likes to play, we want to build Kingdom Builders to be as fun as possible for you, the players.

That's why want to do Rapid Early Access - launch fast, get your feedback, and grow the game into a big title together with you.

A King and his companions hurry toward Rapid Early Access.

The best way to be a part of the Kingdom Builders community is to join our Discord.

Until next time, Tim, Maiken, Dominik and Daniel from ebb & flow games.

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