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Rapid Early Access - Part 2: What to expect from Kingdom Builders' Early Access launch

As mentioned in our first Devlog, we're launching Kingdom Builders in Early Accesss quickly, so that players can be a part of the development process early on.

What will be in the first Early Access version of Kingdom Builders?

The game you will be able to play end of April will be quite small - with only about 2 hours of gameplay.

The core idea of the project is already there - play a king or queen, recruit villagers and companions that follow your every move, build a settlement, explore nature and defend your city against monsters.

If you want to play a finished game or a looking for tens of hours of gameplay - this first Early Access version is not for you.

If you love seeing a game grow from a small idea into a big game every month, and if you want to be a part of a community, where your feedback & ideas are heard and valued, then this first version of Kingdom Builders might be a great experience for you!

How much will it cost?

The first Early Access version will cost around 8€. Over the next couple of weeks and months, we will add tons and tons of more features, areas and content. That's why we will also gradually increase the price of the game. The full launch version might cost something between 20€ and 30€.

So if you join our first Early Access version, you will be rewarded by only paying the small first price, and getting all future updates and content for free.

We always try to be very transparent about this. The more people join our Early Access, the faster we can add new content and features.

If you haven't already, make sure to wishlist Kingdom Builders on Steam!

Until next time, Tim, Maiken, Dominik and Daniel from ebb & flow games.

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