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Rapid Early Access - Part 3: How Kingdom Builders will grow

In Devlog #1 and #2, we described what Early Access means for us and what you can expect from the launch version. Now we want to show you our roadmap for how Kingdom Builders will grow into a big title.

Our public Agile Roadmap

We read all comments, chat with players on Discord and watch gameplay of Kingdom Builders on Youtube. The results of all your feedback we present in our public Roadmap, which you can find here.

Here you can see, what features we are currently working on and which ideas are on our radar to implement later. Please note, that this roadmap is not set in stone for the next 2 years, because we always want to stay flexible and listen to your feedback. If you have an idea that's not on the roadmap, or you want to see a feature added much sooner or later: Join our Discord and let us know!

Rapid Early Access - more than just a few new swords

We want to heavily increase the scope of the game in the weeks to come. Checkout this mockup of Kingdom Builders worldmap for example: The first version only features 2 biomes, but we have a vision for a much grander world that we hope to implement in the weeks and months after early access launch.

Please note that this is just a mockup and not a definite world map

Moreover, we want to add big new features every 3-8 weeks. So you won't have to wait a full year for a big new update, but we rather want to gradually add more and more features.

We hope these first devlogs gave you a good glimpse into our vision for Kingdom Builders. If you have any questions or comments, always reach out! Cheers, Tim, Maiken, Dominik and Daniel from ebb & flow games.

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